nanoBridge People

nanoBridge is a collaborative effort to support innovation leaders in MNT prototype development for the benefit of the province of Alberta. The initiative seeks opportunities to transform the underlying invention(s) into a formal product development program that in turn, supports a valid  technology commercialization opportunity.

The initiative is made possible through the provision of $8.5M in funding for this Phase from the Alberta Government through Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures. The University of Alberta helps minimize the overhead associated with the initiative through in-kind support. The Faculty of Engineering provides support to finance, payment, media relations and infrastructure while the VP Research Services Office supports contract management, accounting and audit support.

The nanoBridge Advisory Board is led by Dr. Steven Dew, Associate Dean of Engineering and consists of representatives from across the province. The Board provides advice and guidance to the initiative. The Board is supported by the nanoBridge project evaluation committee. The committee consists of six technical experts who use their knowledge, expertise and experience to evaluate proposed projects. They validate that the desired technical outcomes are in fact feasible; that the project is based on a sound work plan and that the outcomes will provide valuable insights and lessons. 

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