Companies Building MNT Enabled Products

Applied Nanotools is a leading edge Nanotechnology company providing state of the art nanofabrication and device prototyping services (

SmileSonica Inc. is a Canadian medical device company focused on non-invasive dental repair technologies. (

Facilities Providing Access to Specialized MNT Equipment & Services

The NanoFab is an open access micro and nano fabrication research facility. Our mission is to provide the equipment, infrastructure and expertise necessary for our user community to achieve their research goals. The NanoFab’s open access policy provides anyone with access to a one of a kind facility where users have control of their own processing.

ACAMP (Alberta Centre for Advanced MNT Products) is a not for profit organization that provides specialized services to micro and nano technology clients. Clients have access to world-class equipment, facilities, expertise and a network of organizations that support and develop micro and nanotechnology devices, advanced materials and manufacturing worldwide.

Complementary Initiatives to nanoBridge

The Alberta Innovates nanoWorks program brings industry and institution researchers together to increase industrial R&D investments and develop market-driven nanotechnology products. The program is open to joint industry and institution proposals focused on developing new nanotech businesses, building much-needed nanotech talent and infrastructure, and creating economic and social returns to the province. nanoWorks projects are typically at a later stage of commercial development than those funded by nanoBridge.

Other Resources

The Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies collaborates with researchers, government, industry, NGOs, policymakers, and others to look long term, to identify gaps in knowledge and regulatory processes, and to develop strategies for closing them. The Project will provide independent, objective knowledge and analysis that can inform critical decisions affecting the development and commercialization of nanotechnologies.