MNTorship - Graduate to Entrepreneur
nanoBridge offers funding support to recent science and engineering degree graduates who possess a unique MNT prototype concept, a desire to reduce the concept to practice, and an entrepreneurial flair to commercially exploit successful outcomes. It provides a platform for technically trained individuals to gain hands-on entrepreneurial experience without enduring the full financial risk typically associated with this career path. 

Entrepreneurial support is expected to expand the Alberta MNT industrial cluster by catalyzing the creation of new companies. Examples of past participants in MNTorship include, Ukalta Engineering Inc. and Smilesonica.  Ukalta was formed for the development of a business venture to commercialize Digital Baseband Fading Channel Stimulator. Smilesonica Inc. was formed as a new business venture focused on the development and commercialization of a Highly Efficient ultrasonic Transducer (HEUT) which may be used for intra-oral tooth healing. 

The MNTorship provides a $75,000 non-refundable seed grant, coaching and a network of expertise to assist advanced technical graduates who possess a MNT product concept, incredible drive, unquestionable passion and the courage to pursue commercial success within their own technology start-up company.

The application process begins with completion of the Expression of Interest.

Applicant Eligibilty:
  • A recent graduate of an advanced technical degree (MSc. or PhD)
  • No affiliation with an establish company during MNTorship project term
  • Not attending or pursuing a full or part-time training or education program
  • Possess the legal right to work in Canada
  • Be a resident of the Province of Alberta
  • Initiate the MNTorship project on or before July 2, 2012 and remain committed for at least one (1) year
  • Can demonstrate with reasonable certainty the right to commercialize the underlying invention
Key Program Dates:

Expression of Interest Deadline: Currently this program is closed

For further discussion, or questions, feel free to contact the MNTorship Program Coordinator via email or appointment: