MNTorship Application
The MNTorship Program is composed of two main sequential activities, Participant Recruitment and Project Progress. Participant Recruitment activities are directed at proactively recruiting a group of individuals and taking them through a multi-faceted process that will identify only a few (2 -3) that appear to have the attributes of true entrepreneurs. The Project Progress activities relate to how each funded Participant will be managed throughout the term of their Project in order to maximize the benefits and experiences gained from the opportunity to pursue their passion.

The MNTorship Program requires all potential applicants to complete and submit an Expression of Interest.

MNTorship Expression of Interest Form

Adobe Reader 8 or greater required for completion of the Expression of Interest.  The lastest version of Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free here.

Deadline for submission of an Expression of Interest is Wednesday April 25, 2012 at noon (12 pm).  All submissions should be emailed to and a signed hard copy delivered to 5-018 NINT Building, University of Alberta, 11421 Saskatchewan Drive Edmonton, AB T6G 2M9.